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School Holiday Camp

Offer for your children something fun to look forward to during the school holidays by enrolling in our Holiday Camps. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never played tennis before, or whether they love the game and want to improve their skills.

Our main target is to ensure everyone has a great time making new friends and learning new skills in a safe, fun-filled and relaxed environment.


We offer earlier supervision from 8:45am and ask the parents to check in until 9:15am.

At 9:30am we start the day with 2 breaks at 10:30am (morning tea) and lunch at 12:00pm.

What to bring: water bottle, hat, sunscreen, food for morning tea and lunch, We offer rackets for kids. The club provides hand sanitizer as well as it is Covid SAFE.

On Fridays we have the "Pizza day" when every kid and coaches have pizza for free,


Costs are 32.50 dollars (half day / check out until 12:00pm) or 42.50 dollars (full day check out until 3:00pm).

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